Center for local economic development (CLER), a champion of modern theory and practice of local government affairs is an international center for scientific, professional and development activities in the field of local public sector. Through its activities CLER brings together interests of local units, private entities, international and national institutions, scientists, entrepreneurs and students. Center’s holistic approach enables fast transfer of contemporary interdisciplinary knowledge into local civic sector’s practice through legal regulations, policy recommendations, development projects, institutional changes and its connections with educational institutions.

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is a public scientific institute founded in 1939. It conducts scientific and development research in the field of economics as well as applied research, which includes the development and application of methodology, preparation of strategic documents, background analyses for economic policy-makers and advisory services. In addition to research activities, researchers with supporting services’ staff perform a range of complementary activities expanding from publication and dissemination of results of scientific research and development, provision of scientific and professional training of economic experts, provision of expert opinions and proposals on economic policy and business, industry and local and regional communities’ development problems, organization and management of scientific, educational and consultancy activities and publishing.

Agency for Investments and Competitiveness – The Agency has been established by the Croatian government, for the purposes of promoting Croatia as a desirable investment destination, attracting and implementing large-scale investment projects as well as enhancing the competitiveness of the Croatian economy on the global level.

Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia – The Association of Cities is a national, non-partisan body founded in 2002, to promote cooperation between local government units and communal interests of Croatian cities. The Association has existed in various forms since 1971, and currently counts 121 members, each city being represented by the head of local government.

LIDER – LIDER media Ltd. is a publishing house located in Zagreb. LIDER is a brand supported by visionary ideas fueled by enthusiasm, innovation and the desire to shape and distribute beneficial information. LIDER is a place where information gains business significance. By tracking and analyzing global, regional and local business events, connecting with leaders and relevant experts from the world of business and academia, and with constant improvement, they’ve created and implemented a sustainable business project.

The Faculty of Economics Rijeka is recognized as a continuously evolving and reliable institution in the field of scientific research and higher education. Its scientific activities and competitive study programmes make it a much sought-after partner for other national and international scientific and educational institutes, students and business sector. It is a source of continuous support to the economy through drawing up of useful academic and lifelong educational programmes, collaboration with business community, integration into the international academic network and extra-curricular activities that lead to professional growth, development and building of competitiveness in a dynamic economic environment.

City of Dubrovnik Development Agency DURA ltd is professional, non-profit organization founded by City of Dubrovnik, with main goal of preparing and implementing projects financed by the European Union. DURA provides consultation and education services for preparation of project proposals for public institutions, small and medium enterprises, civil associations and all other interested stakeholders. By implementing its activities, DURA acts as a liaison between the City, its institutions and other local stakeholders significant in supporting local development and growth. All projects prepared by DURA are implemented in cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik administrative departments.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla – Ericsson is a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology – providing equipment, software and services to enable transformation through mobility. Their leadership in technology and services has been a driving force behind the expansion and improvement of connectivity worldwide. The realization of their vision is to create a Networked Society, where every person and every industry is empowered to reach their full potential.

Croatian Chamber of Economy – The Croatian Chamber of Economy is the oldest continuously running Croatian and regional economic institution. The Chamber is ISO 9001/2008 certified, which makes it unique among its peers in South East Europe. As an institution, it represents all companies in Croatia, whose membership fees are proportional to their revenues, while giving them access to all services and information, which contributes to the principle of mutual support and solidarity.

Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia – The Association of Municipalities is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization, established on the principle of voluntary association. It has been founded by Croatian municipalities to promote and protect their interests. The Association counts 281 municipalities from all 20 counties.