Conference Topics

1. Economic growth and development

a. Sustainable development models for tomorrow’s Europe

b. Regional and local development challenges

c. National and regional patterns of deindustrialization in Europe

d. Reindustrialization in an enlarged Europe

e. Industrial development and cohesion

f. Tourism driven reindustrialization

g. Digital economy and reindustrialization

h. International trade

2. Industrial policy in the 21st century

a. European, national and regional industrial policy challenges

b. Cross-industry spillovers promoting policies

c. Science-business cooperation for a new industrial development

d. FDI – related policies

e. SME and entrepreneurship support policies

f. Green transformation

g. Trade policies

h. Regulation

3. Firm behaviour, innovation and competitiveness

a. Knowledge driven competitiveness of European industries

b. Technological breakthrough and new industries

c. Changing patterns of firm behaviour and innovative business models

d. SME behaviour and barriers to SME internationalization

e. Smart cities, urban economy and new economic ecosystems

f. Urbanization-driven deindustrialization

g. Innovative transport and logistics models and reindustrialization

h. New corporate governance models

4. New trends in consumer behaviour

a. Deindustrialization and changing consumer culture

b. Innovative buying behaviour patterns

c. Consumer resistance to innovations

d. Innovative marketing strategies

e. Digital industries and consumer culture

f. International trade, globalization and consumer behaviour

g. Consumers’ involvement in development of new industries

5. Financialization and a new role for the financial sector

a. Financial sector expansion and deindustrialization

b. Distributional implications of financialization

c. Financialization and globalization

d. Financialization and crises

e. Venture capital, crowd-funding and new business financing models

f. Innovative risk analysis models

g. New role of financial sector in reindustrialized Europe

h. Regulatory challenges of financial markets and the role of central banks

6. Socio – demographic challenges of deindustrialization

a. Deindustrialization and income inequality

b. Health and ecological effects of deindustrialization

c. Demand for new skills and the role of educational system

d. Deindustrialization and labour market adjustment

e. Migrations, brain-drain and brain-gain

f. Socio – spatial effects of deindustrialization

g. Entrepreneurial culture in cities and reindustrialization

7. Smart cities and the new economy – Hosted by CLER

a. Intergovernmental fiscal relations in the digital age

b. Financing and smart economy

c. Smart infrastructure

d. Business friendly environment at the local level

e. Interdisciplinary aspects of local economic development

f. Globalisation and local economic development

g. New perspective on public goods and services

h. Local government administration and digital economy