Conference Topics

  1. Digital economy, industrial policy, development and growth in Europe

    Digital single market

    Digital infrastructure development

    Reshaping educational system in a digital society

    Skill mismatch and digitalization European economies

    Job creation, job destruction and digital transformation

    Technology trends and future skill requirements

    Digitization of public services

    Industry 4.0

  2. Firm behaviour, innovation and competitiveness

    Data-driven organizations

    Digital business ecosystems

    Disruptive innovation business models

    Digital customer relationships and supply chain management

    Innovative working arrangements in a digital environment

    Human resource management and digital business culture

    Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things

    Big data analytics and cloud based services as sources of firm competitiveness

  3. New age marketing

    Web experience management, conversion rate and search optimization

    Digital marketing channels

    Growth hacking and social media

    Mobile technologies in marketing

    Customer engagement and user acquisition

    Predictive Analysis and Attribution

    Information quality assessment

    Customer targeting in digital environment

  4. Digitally shaped tourism

    Digital trends in tourism business management and travel distribution

    P2P platforms, sharing economy and the transformation of the tourism market

    Smart tourist destinations

    Big data analytics in tourism, opportunities, threats and privacy protection concerns

    Novel tourism destination branding channels

    ICT-based solutions for tourist experience optimization

    Social media and transformation of hospitality industry

    New tourist mobility patterns

  5. Digital consumers and e-Retail

    Understanding digital consumers

    Disruptive business models in retail trade

    Social media and consumer behaviour

    Consumer resistance to innovations, privacy and security

    Virtual and augmented reality in digitalized retail landscape

    Seamless retail customer experience

    Multi- and omni-channel management

    Marketing and sales automation

  6. Digital transformation of financial markets

    Digital transformation in financial services industry

    Block chain and crypto-currencies

    Financial market regulation in a digital world

    Customer experience of fintech solutions

    Financial literacy in a digital environment

    Privacy, security and data protection in finance

    Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence in portfolio management

    Barriers to diffusion and adoption of fintech solutions

  7. Socio-cultural effects of digital transformation

    Digital transformation and social inclusion

    Digital cultural heritage

    Digital revolution and social contract

    Collaborative economy

    Open culture and innovation

    Migrations, brain drain and brain gain in a digital society

    Digital transformation, co-creation and co-generation

    Technostress in digital societies